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SCREEN Innovation and Sustainability Highlighted in Semiconductor Digest Article

February 16, 2021

cover.jpgThe contribution by R&D leader C2MI and SCREEN outlines high volume production utilizing a SCREEN SPE direct imaging system


The Semiconductor Digest publication highlights SCREEN’s constant drive for innovation while maintaining environmental sustainability. The article is a joint effort by MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI) and SCREEN to explain the various attributes that led to C2MI’s decision to invest in SCREEN’s high throughput direct write (DW) system.


This DW system brings several advantages to both the R&D and high volume manufacturing (HVM) segments, including reduced time to market for new products, individual die traceability, and substrate distortion compensation. In keeping with SCREEN’s core values, its DW system achieves these advantages while simultaneously reducing the use of chemicals by eliminating the photomask creation process.


About C2MI: The MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre is an international beacon whose activities are dedicated to rapid commercialization in the fields of MEMS manufacturing, advanced packaging and systems assembly as well as printable electronics. C2MI is a Centre of excellence for commercialization and research whose role is to help produce market-driven prototypes to accelerate their commercialization. Visit : www.c2mi.ca

About Semiconductor Digest:
Through a mix of news, contributed articles and staff-written articles, Semiconductor Digest is dedicated to providing information about the design, manufacturing, packaging and testing of semiconductors and other types of electronic devices, including MEMs, LEDs, displays, power electronics, optoelectronics/photonics, biomedical devices, solar cells, thin film batteries and flexible electronics. Semiconductor Digest’s focus is on the unique requirements of each of these devices in terms of the design tools, process equipment and materials, and test equipment. Visit: http://www.semiconductordigest.com/

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