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About SCREEN SPE Germany GmbH

Supporting Our Customers’ Business Through Innovation that Starts from the Customer’s Point of View.
Along with changing our company name from “SOKUDO”, SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions inherited all of Dainippon Screen’s semiconductor equipment business and was given a new start as a specialized manufacturer of semiconductor production equipment on October 1. In that regard, we would like to thank everyone very much for their generous support over the years.
The use of semiconductors has spread by leaps and bounds into personal computers, smartphones, automobiles, and more. And expectations for that evolution is increasing, such as in the expanding markets for various sensing device and MEMS, and as a major participant in the advancement of power devices and LEDs that support environment-conscious products, and in IoT (Internet of Things), which will surely play an important role in the worldwide social infrastructure.
On a base of our core technologies in etching and photolithography that we have cultivated over the years, SCREEN entered into the semiconductor production equipment market in the 1970s. With our cleaning equipment business, we have built a steadfast share in the increasingly important cleaning process. In order to even further strengthen our business, we have added lithography equipment -- represented by the SOKUDO DUO coater/developer that is equipped with various defect control functions based on fundamental but novel, industry-first, concepts -- millisecond annealers that are indispensable in processing advanced devices, as well as nano-level laser annealers and other units to our product lineup. Moreover, we are advancing our “Frontier Project” towards the new market of 200 mm and smaller wafers, we are comprehensively developing applications for our existing technology, including that of image processing, and we are furthering our aggressive development of both products and technology.
At SE, we make it our basic policy to carry on innovation that truly starts from the customer’s point of view, and to continue our contribution to our customers’ businesses through high quality products and services. We will also continue, in a timely manner, to offer a diversity of solutions that can be utilized safely and surely in the semiconductor industry, where technological innovation is constantly advancing.
We look forward to your continued support into the future.

Company Profile

Company name
Registered head office
Fraunhoferstraße 7, D-85737 Ismaning
TEL: +49 89 324951-600
FAX: +49 89 324951-699
1985(1979 in Hamburg)
Junji Otsuka, Tsutomu Naruse
SCREEN SPE Germany GmbH Executive Management

Franz Stölkler
Vice President Business Administration

Main Fields of Business
Semiconductor production equipment business


Branch Companies


SCREEN SPE Ireland Ltd.
Chartered House, 85 Main Street, Leixlip, Co. Kildare - IRELAND

SCREEN SPE France S.a.r.l.
Rousset Parc Club - Lot No 205, 31 Avenue Francis Perrin, 13106 Rousset - FRANCE

Via Torri Bianche 10/12, Torre Q Betulla, 20871  Vimercate (MB) - ITALY

SCREEN SPE Israel Ltd.
5 Badner St. Ramat Gan, Israel, 52542 - ISRAEL
VIII Strada No. 5, I-95121 Catania - ITALY

Hugo-Junkers-Ring 5 - Haus 109 West, D-01109 Dresden - GERMANY

503 Chemin des Fontaines, F-38190 Bernin - FRANCE

München - Neufahrn (Munich Refurbishment Center - MRC)
Am Gfild 7, D-85357 Neufahrn- GERMANY

Newton Aycliffe
Evans Business Incubation Centre, Durham Way South, Aycliffe Business Park
Newton Aycliffe DL5 6XP - UNITED KINGDOM

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Headquarter at Hamburg


Headquarter at Duesseldorf


Headquarter at Munich