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Terms of Use

Please read and review the following Terms of Use ("Terms") carefully before accessing or using this SCREEN SPE Germany GmbH ("SCREEN") Website ("Website"). If you do not agree to the Terms, please do not access or use this Website. By accessing or using the Website, you acknowledge that you have agreed to the Terms.


1. Intellectual Property Rights

SCREEN, and/or the relevant third party copyright holder, shall own any and all copyright and title to any and all Website contents. Unless otherwise permitted by the Copyright Act, you are prohibited from unauthorized use of the Website and its contents, including reproducing, distributing, transmitting, transferring, or adapting any information, text or documents contained on the Website. You are granted the right to use the Website only to the extent permitted by the applicable terms of service and terms of content licensing.

The name of SCREEN and all product names used on the Website are trade names, brands or registered trademarks of SCREEN. Furthermore, the corporate name and all product names of any third party which appear on the Website are trade names, registered products or trademarks of such third party. The trade names, trademarks and other marks of SCREEN and/or of any third party used on the Website are protected by the Trademark Act, Unfair Competition Prevention Act and other laws and regulations. You may not use these without the prior consent of SCREEN and the applicable third party copyright holder.

SCREEN, by the provision of any information, text or documents through the Website, does not grant any intellectual property rights hereunder, nor does SCREEN assign any patents or design rights related to the inventions that are contained in any documents, designs, or other relevant intellectual property. SCREEN provides the copyrighted works on the Website "AS IS", and makes no warranties or representations of any kind as to their contents. All information including products, services and technologies provided to customers on the Website are protected by the Copyright Act, Industrial Property Law and other applicable intellectual property laws and regulations.


2. Prohibited Conduct

Users of the Website are prohibited from engaging in the following conduct:

1. Any conduct which violates or may violate the property rights or the privacy of a third party or SCREEN.

2. Any conduct which defames, harasses, disadvantages, damages or discredits (including slander and libel) a third party or SCREEN.

3. Any conduct which offends or may offend public order and morals.

4. Any actual or potential conduct which uses or transmits harmful software programs that contain computer viruses.

5. Any conduct which results in false statements or information, such as using the e-mail address of another person without such person's permission.

6. Any other conduct which violates or infringes applicable laws and regulations.


3. Disclaimer

SCREEN, at all times, will use reasonable efforts to provide accurate information about SCREEN and its services on the Website, but makes no warranties or representations of any kind related to its function and/or the content thereof.

SCREEN may modify or delete the contents of the Website at any time without notice. SCREEN shall not be liable for any damages arising out of any errors, modifications or omissions in the content thereof, or any problems arising out of access to, use of, or inability to use, the Website.


4. Linking

In the event of posting a link to this Website, please observe the following:

1. Any websites that are accessible via links to the Website or the contents (including accuracy) of websites run by third parties that have a link to the Website shall be administered by their owners and are not under the control of SCREEN. SCREEN is not responsible for any damages whatsoever arising from the use of such other websites.

2. If you are interested in posting the link (URL) of SCREEN on your website, please make your request by our "Contact us" contact form.We will reply after reviewing your request for approval of linking. In the event linking is approved, please post the link (URL) in reference to the top page of SCREEN's website, www.screen-spe.eu.

3. In the event of posting the link (URL) of SCREEN on your website, please specify the name of SCREEN as "SCREEN SPE Germany GmbH".

4. Please refrain from using SCREEN's logo for linking to your website without approval from us.

5. SCREEN may demand that you delete any link to the Website after being approved by SCREEN in the event SCREEN considers the manner of linking to be inappropriate.

6. Any linking to the SCREEN Website in an inaccurate manner which may mislead third parties shall be refused.

7. Any use of the Website for the purpose of the conduct listed in the above Section 2 "Prohibited Conduct" shall be refused.


5. Governing Law

These Terms shall be governed by and construed, and the Website shall be used, solely in accordance with our company guidelines and the laws of Germany. Unless otherwise separately agreed by SCREEN, any and all disputes arising out of these Terms and the use of the Website shall be settled in the Düsseldorf district court, which shall have original and exclusive jurisdiction over any such dispute.


6. Other Terms

In the event use of the Website or any related services is subject to separate terms of use, you are requested to carefully read each of the applicable terms of use, and your use of the Website and/or any related services will be premised upon your agreement to abide by same.

SCREEN may revise any of these Terms without prior notice. In such event, the revised Terms of Use shall be applied to any use of the Website. Please be sure that you are familiar with the latest Terms of Use.