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Our Services

  1. Installation, Service, and Warranty by OEM
  2. OEM-guaranteed service, spare parts and software support after refurbishment
  3. Cost- effective equipment for ramp of matured technologies
  4. OEM- approved refurbishment centre (the only one in all of Europe)
  5. Access to knowledge/experience of worldwide OEM service and process support organization




List of Available Equipment

MRC-ID Machine Name Model Manufacturer Model Year Wafer Size Specifications Status
MRC-0592 RF3 300A SCREEN 2004 8" (SMIF) 3xBARC,3xCoat,5xDEV,ASML Interface available
MRC-0593 SK200W BVPE SCREEN 2002 6"/8" 1xBARC,2xCoat,4xDEV,ASML Interface available
MRC-0594 SK80B BVP SCREEN 2001 6"/8" 2xCoat,2xDEV, IFB available
MRC-0595 Chemical supply cabinet Coat Trackmate Microbar 2012 - - available
MRC-0596 Chemical supply cabinet DEV Trackmate Microbar 2012 - - available
MRC-0597 SS-80BW A SCREEN 2012 - 4x backside scrubber, high pressure jet, soft-spray, brush, SC1, FFU available